A broken down boiler or noisy radiators that need regular bleeding or are cold, usually indicate that your central heating system needs a good clean.

Let The Gas Installers help you. Using top of the range equipment & expert technical knowledge, we assist you with the above problems.

expandPower flushing:

Power flushing is the fastest and most effective means of cleansing sludge and corrosion debris from central heating systems, utilising a high flow of water to loosen and ultimately expel the debris from the system.

We use FX 2 chemicals which spotlessly clean the inside of the system.

expandhow it works:

Water is forced through a system, pushing debris ahead of it, and this continues until the dump water finally runs clear. This may take a considerable time therefore The CombiMag power (a rare earth magnet) flush filter will be used through the process.

We work around system, putting full flow through each radiator in turn - using the Radhammer vibrator device to clean each radiator. The high frequency vibration will loosen debris that will not respond to any other cleansing method. Also at the end of the Power Flush, the system is chemically balanced to make it neutral with a PH of 7.